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7/8/08 8:08:39AM
Sherdog has an article up with quotes from a bunch of different fighters regarding the Jackson / Griffin fight. One of those quotes is from Phil Baroni:

Phil Baroni (Pictures): I don’t know how two judges gave Forrest that first round, man. That’s some bulls—. I thought Rampage clearly won the fight. That first round could have been 10-8 for Rampage!

The only problem here is that Phil claims he never said anything like that at all:

Click here for full article from
7/8/08 8:29:36AM
those sneaky sneaky sherdogians
7/8/08 9:14:36AM
you dont say
7/8/08 9:57:18AM
I heard of that before, I believe it was Roger Huerta saying something, talking shit actually, which we know by now that's not him and then on MMAMania there's an interview with Huerta basically saying I never said that shit, that's not me, why would I say that.

maybe that's why I don't use sherdog for any info except for on here for fighter stats.
7/8/08 12:01:02PM
won't be the first quote made up, or story fabricated at Shit Dog.
7/8/08 12:45:22PM
Yet another reason why they are a horrible site and I think all MMA fans should abandon it. I think the fact that they are the leader in MMA websites/coverage is bad for the sport.
7/8/08 4:50:43PM
7/8/08 5:46:51PM
This would be quite a black eye for them given they also claim to be an ESPN affiliate. I personally don't really go to their site for news, usually to try and get results or look up fighters via their FightFinder (usually to find profile pics for Secondary League events). And I sure don't visit their forums. It still would surprise me a bit, I always thought they were quite reputable.
7/8/08 6:26:38PM
i only go to their site for the Fight Finder, and for Inside MMA. everything else is shit IMO, there are plenty other sites better.
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