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7/25/13 6:35:18PM
I do not have a account on Sherdog. But I do read the posts a few times a day for laughs and giggles

Jesus Christ the shit posts I read are fucking sad.

I thank the MMA god every day that playground isn't like this.

I know half are trolls. But man are MMA fans fucking sad
Don't fucking debate a topic or fight that happened 5 or so years ago.

Do any of you actually have a account on shitdog

I can probably go on their website right now and within top 10 new topics today probably half will be dumb
7/25/13 6:51:39PM
Yup I do, mostly for the sports bar and Mayberry
7/25/13 7:10:29PM
I would never stoop so low as to use Sherdog for anything other than glancing at fighter stats.
7/25/13 7:20:13PM
Sherdog does have good stats on fighters
7/25/13 8:07:17PM
I've been there once. yep once.

It's the PG and OG for me
7/25/13 8:15:47PM
Sherdog forums are the same guys arguing the same shit over and over under different topic headlines. Absolutely ridiculous. Intense fighter database though...
7/25/13 8:44:01PM
I do have an account there but I haven't used it for about 6 years. The forum went to utter shit and is now full of postwhoring morons who manage to say nothing worthwhile even with 20000+ posts.
7/25/13 9:06:13PM

Posted by VILLIN

I do have an account there but I haven't used it for about 6 years. The forum went to utter shit and is now full of postwhoring morons who manage to say nothing worthwhile even with 20000+ posts.

That's so fucking true. I see a guy with like two years on
The site but yet he has like 15 thousand posts.

How the fuck do you do that
7/25/13 9:31:21PM
I was on BE, MMAMania, and junkie but stopped posting or really reading comments shortly after starting up here. Everything is an argument, 80% of posts are utter nonsense, and some of the writers/mods are so far up their own asses that they don't realize they're total tool bags. Mania didn't even post real articles, they just said 'blah blah blah, WADDYA THINK MANIACS?!?!?!'. I have never been to a sherdog forum and I have no interest in doing so.
7/25/13 9:33:56PM
I've never speant time on any MMA forum other than this one. So I can't speak to the quality of

But the site is an essential tool for MMA. The fight finder is just amazing. Not to mention the Sherdog Radio Network; without question the best MMA podcasts available.
7/25/13 9:38:13PM
Best part of Sherdog is their fighter profiles and Jordan fricken Breen. Dude's an MMA genius and calls it like it is. Plus he's knowledgable about music and 80 and 90's pop culture. I've emailed him like 4 times with upwards of 5 questions each time on everything from questions on MMA to favorite "Are You Afraid of the Dark" episodes and he's responded to everything within 48 hours. Yes I know, he's my man-crush.
7/25/13 10:08:17PM
Before I was a member here I lurked at sherdog for awhile. But right before I joined and paid for an account was mentioned there and I came here to check it out.

Well obviously I stuck around here, and glad I did
7/25/13 10:38:31PM
I'm a fan of the srn. I used to listen everyday. The fight finder is great. I never used .net
7/25/13 10:43:34PM
I used to post there a lot, spent a lot of time in Off Topic. It's a tragedy that some really really knowledgeable people get drowned out by troll attempts and other people calling everything everyone says a troll attempt. The most disheartening part I think was watching new posters get hassled for being new fans. I've never seen a sports forum so ready to shit on people who had just found out about the sport and were excited to learn more. It was the hipster side of sports fandom. A bunch of people essentially saying "we liked it before it was cool."
7/25/13 10:44:51PM
Sherdog's Beatdown Podcast with TJ De Santis & Jeff Sherwood is one my go to Podcast's. The best though is the Friday before every event when they have a roundtable with Jack Encarnacao & other various MMA journalists breaking down the event, fights, & all make their picks.
7/26/13 12:35:33AM
The database is incredible and I always appreciate the free streams they have on there sometimes. Other than that sherdog is terrible, especially the forums. I posted there a couple of times several years ago but hated it so I stopped pretty quickly.
7/26/13 9:11:52AM
I have an account but post very infrequently these days, just go there to laugh at all the idiots. Before I found this site I was a full time sherdogger.

it's quite easy to get 15,000 posts when there are a thousand threads a day, especially when half of them are the exact same thread just different title. KFM would have had that many posts in a month if he joined there instead of here
7/26/13 3:00:07PM
I got started there too before hearing about this site. It is what it is. The volume of posts/threads is overwhelming. While we'd all like a bit more activity here, i'd never want it to be as busy as over there.
7/26/13 3:28:54PM
I only use Sherdog to look up fighter profiles, it's very helpful. I spend 90% of my time here 7% on Tapology and 3% on bestfightodds when it comes to my Web usage for MMA.
7/27/13 2:46:17PM
I do not have a sherdog or any other MMA website account. I started off on the ESPN MMA forum doing the pick em game. After a while, kingsmasher recruited us to come over to the PG. Glad I made the switch.
7/27/13 3:57:27PM
Fuck Sherdog. It's easily the worst MMA forum on the internet by far.

I had an account there around five years ago, worked my way up to over a thousand posts, and the next thing I know I'm permanently banned from the place for absolutely no reason. No warning, no nothing, just perma-banned for no apparent reason.

They have the worst members on all of the internet as well. People constantly posting retarded shit. The place is a joke.
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