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1/16/09 5:44:38PM

I'm an Oilers fan and this is our All Star D-man.
1/16/09 5:47:22PM
this is a good article about fighting in Hockey. They could alson include Souray's fight in this, same night, very different result.LINK
1/16/09 6:08:55PM
Good fight. I can't wait to see if Sheldon Souray can break the offical record for hardest shot. He supposidly broke the current record of 105.2(?) at an Oilers Skills Competition, but I want to see it done on a "fair" playing field(I'm not accusing the Oilers of lying about it, but it is certainly possible they faked the shot speed to excite the crowd and pump them up).
1/16/09 10:26:43PM
Looks like he brings a pretty good punch with that cannon shot.He's a good player when he stay's healthy.
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