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3/2/08 5:34:46PM
I guess I'm a bit fustrated with the trend of the UFC inducting their fighters into the "Hall of Fame" and then turning around shortly after to pit them against fighters which they are trying to build to another level. The Lesnar/Coleman fight being the best example. I just can't help but see them as more of an exibition match than anything.

We had Hughes/Gracie, which I was def curious to see, but most knew it wasn't going to be much of a match. I'm sure money played a huge role, as well as the fact that they wanted to put Hughes in a legendary type status. You can't become a legend, until you beat one yourself....yes no?

Shamrock vs Franklin was a sketchy match IMO. This was obviously set up to elevate Franklin to another level as well. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that questioned a certain fall that Ken had. The outcome was convincing, but I still had a funny feeling in my stomach.

Now we have Coleman vs Lesnar.
I admit I'm curious to still watch this....but we all know it's a ploy to legitimize Lesnar in the sport.


Why must the Hall of Famers be sacrificed once they are inducted? Is it really such a good cause for the current top fighters? Here's an award, congratulations, now go get your ass beat. Like I said, I'm still curious to watch the fights in the end.....but I feel a bit shameful once it's done. I am the only one feeling this?
3/2/08 5:49:01PM
I can totaly feel that. It's true.
3/2/08 6:01:27PM
ive got Coleman winning this one......
3/2/08 6:25:13PM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

ive got Coleman winning this one......

Thats who i want to pick, but i still can't fully justify it to myself, due to Lesner's size and Athletic ablilities... Also one of Coleman's best ways to win in pride (the knees to the dome) are illegal in UFC... as we saw with the Herring Kongo fight, if they weren't some of these UFC vs PRIDE vets might turn out a bit different but thats neither here nor there. Legalize it (knees to the head on the ground... not pot... well maybe pot too...)
3/2/08 6:33:00PM
Dude, this is ten times better then Royce/Matt. You already know who was gonna win that one. But Both these men are All American wrestlers and have no submission game which turns out to be both there weaknesses. ON the feet it's pretty even except Lesnar has the power since neither are technically sound.

Coleman's one of my favorite fighters. If he went with Kevin Randleman to Xtreme Couture he could easily take this fight.

I actually think it will be a first round war since both are too powerful to keep on there backs

I can't pick until I find out more about how Coleman's training but he said he dedicating his whole life to this so that's a huge plus he's focused.
3/2/08 6:38:51PM
If the fighters want to make money then who are we to tell them not to? I'm not found of Coleman (even though, I loved his celebration in PRIDE) and think that it's a good thing for him to fight in the UFC again. Brock needs a win over a somewhat big name and he's going to get it.
3/2/08 6:45:02PM
I don't think it's a scarifice as long as the HOFer thinks he is going to win. I truly beleive Shammy, Royce, and Especially Coleman believe it.I also remember each fight, and how a lot of the so called " old school" fans were picking the HOFer on forums . I 'm still not sold on Lesnar till I see him escape trouble a couple of times. I heard Pat Militech say Joe Riggs is the most talented guy he has ever seen in the gym, but he seems to be unable to put it all together consistently in big fights. So while I think Lesnars potential is staggering, he hasn't done much yet IMO. If Coleman would train Under someone like jackson, Couture, Ibara, Blackhouse, AKA, etc., I would pick him for sure. Until he at least learns BJJ, I think Coleman should not fight anyone even top 30 yet. So heres to hoping Coleman swallows his pride ,and puts himself under the tutelage of someone more well rounded . When your gameplan is so rudimentary ( " Take him down, ground and pound. Nuff said" ) I think you are a bit behind the times.
3/2/08 7:07:21PM
I wouldnt call this throwing anyone to the wolves. These guys have the choice not to take the fight. I dont see the reasoning in Coleman taking this fight but he thinks he can win so good for him
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