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10/20/09 8:33:16AM
According to trainer Shawn Tompkins, MMA lightweight Chris Horodecki will be heading to the WEC. "It looks like Chris Horodecki will be showing up in the WEC," Tompkins revealed in a recent conversation with Although contracts have yet to be finalized, Tompkins seemed confident that a deal would be in place within the next couple of days.

10/20/09 11:48:59AM
This is good news. Horodecki is an exciting fighter and will be a great addition to the WEC's roster.
10/20/09 4:50:58PM
As soon as IFL went under, and zuffa was gobbling up contracts i knew he would end up in the WEC... Just weird it took so long.

WEC needs him desperately if they want to continue the LW division, hell give him a quick fight and if he wins, WEC has a new contender for Varner.

Kinda wish Dan Lauzon made it to the WEC too. I really wanted to see hordecki vs lauzon
10/20/09 6:56:14PM
Would love to see Horodecki vs Njokuani!!!!!
10/20/09 7:30:37PM
very good sign for wec
10/20/09 8:01:46PM
10/20/09 10:41:11PM
Definately took to long on this one, although that may be best in the long run....he was very young in the IFL and a year or two of solid training with only a couple of fights should have done him wonders if he trained correctly. Let's hope he developed a ground game.
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