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3/7/07 9:02:04AM
came across this article.. here


March 6, 2007
by G. Leon

Last night Gary Shaw contacted to inform us that he's ready, willing, and able to ink UFC head Dana White to an exclusive three year promotional contract. "I can have the contract to him in an hour or two and we're more than happy to help him out," said Shaw.


so i guess dana got his license not only to box tito, but to have somewhat of a boxing career also??
3/7/07 9:27:11AM
i think it is only a joke really. Dana white did get cleared by the NSAC for a temp boxing licesene to fight Tito. I believe it was Keith Kiezer who stepped up to bat and vouched for him, saying that he had seen Dana spar with Tito years back and he could hold his own.
My only question is how much has Dana been training since the loss of his hair? He has gotten kinda pudgy looking with age, and the designer shirts can't hide it.

I heard that this fight is gonna be brodcast over the internet and it will be raising money for charity.
3/7/07 9:57:29AM
That's funny, because I was recently pondering what if the UFC branched out into boxing/kickboxing... but with their own style of 2 oz gloves, the cage, and a 5 second ko count instead of a 10. Kind of a way to appease all those drunken fans that don't appreciate good grappling. I'd watch.
3/7/07 8:30:11PM
I think shaw was being sarcastic about the whole Dana White and boxing thing.
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