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9/10/10 5:43:27PM
Paul Daley missed weight. He is fined 10% of his fight purse, which goes to Jorge Masvidal.
Main card:
Trevor Prangley (202.75) vs. Keith Jardine (204.5)
Sokoudjou (204.75) vs. Houston Alexander (204.75)
Paul Daley (171.75) vs. Jorge Masvidal (168.75)
Danillo Villefort (184) vs. Joey Villasanor (185.5)
Brock Larson (170.75) vs. Tarec Saffiedine (169.75)
Douglas Evans (144.25) vs. Ronnie Mann (144.75) (Shark Fights Lightweight Title)
Paul Bradley (170.5) vs. Johnny Reese (169.25)
Aaron Rosa (241.75) vs. Devin Cole (233.25)
Karen Darabedyan (155.75) vs. Daniel Straus (152.75)
Eric Davila (176.5) vs. Pete Spratt (170.25)*
*-Originally set for 170, but fighters agreed to catch weight prior to weigh-ins. No fines disclosed.

In case you didn't hear already, the prelims will be streamed LIVE on Sherdog tomorrow at 8 PM ET.

9/10/10 7:22:28PM
Aaron Rosa at 241. I can't wait to see what he looks like.
9/10/10 8:30:22PM
Daley didn't make weight. Only got down to 171.75. He is fined 10% of his fight purse, which will go to Masvidal.
9/10/10 9:52:49PM
Only makes me happier that the UFC dropped him.....I really hope he losses tomorrow too.
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