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3/12/11 8:46:47PM
This the problem with thin combo cards . we only had 8 to begin with and now with Bronzoulis losing his opponent really late and Kheder literally bolting at the weigh ins, there wasn't enough time to replace them and make it fair for the majority of secondary league participants. So 6 fights are all that count this time. I will try to always have 10 ready to go in case this happens in the future.
3/13/11 12:43:26PM
I was pretty bummed to find I went 4-2 instead of 6-2. I guess it wouldn't be fair to count those fights since people who picked the losers of the fights might have picked differently, since the fights changed at the last moment.

Perhaps in the future, in the case this occurs again, lockout could be postponed, or the ability to pick again could be reopened, until an hour or two before the fights? This way people could be informed of the card change on the playground, and have one last opportunity to make their picks. Send out a little PM maybe, let everyone know the situation? Just tossing around ideas.
3/15/11 7:25:19AM
not enough time. minimum 24 hours before lockdown to change a fight card.
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