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POLL: was the trade goor for the suns
yes 26% (9)
no 34% (12)
have to wait to see him play 14% (5)
he's still in the league??? 9% (3)
who cares 11% (4)
im sad without football 6% (2)
2/8/08 7:09:51PM
just wondering what the playgrounds thoughts on the Shaq trade are. to me it doesnt make sense, but im only paying attention during the break between football and baseball season when college hoops arent on.....i dont really love this game, anymore at least.
2/8/08 7:15:51PM
I'm more skeptical about it than anything else, while it might be good for Amare because he can move to PF, his natural position, Shaq is still a big downgrade from Marion no matter what they say. I also expect Marion to opt out of his contract after the season (he'd be owed $17 million next year, his last year of current deal).
2/8/08 7:17:19PM
im not sure anyone else gives him 17 mil a year, but its his option and im sure he would rather play with a winner so im guessing hes gone too. hed look good in bucks purple
2/8/08 7:24:36PM
I thought Shaq was at home in Miami, his poster boy wade was the best thing for him. Now that his team is not doing so well Shaq give up on them. Man did say he would give them a championship and not championships. Think this is Shaq's last attempt for a ring, might screw up the balance of the suns. Thought they where more of a fastbreak team know they become a post up team, does not make sense to try and change something that works.
2/8/08 7:32:22PM
First, Shaq didn't give up on the Heat, the front office informed him he could be traded and then pulled the trigger on the trade. All reports show nothing of him requesting to be moved.

Second, Marion has been on the trading block for years now. If they were going to pull it off it needed to be this year before the trading deadline. While I think they could've gotten someone better, if they rest Shaq til the playoffs, he could be the force behind them getting put over the top. They haven't been able to do it with their current roster for the past few years, what reason is there to think that would've changed if they'd stood pat.

That being said, they could die by the pick and roll now if they can get Shaq out to the top of the key on D, he or Nash both can't recover quick enough to guard someone streaking to the basket. But as far as their run and gun style, Shaq doesn't hinder it as the Suns don't run a 5 man fast break anyways.
2/8/08 7:49:57PM
so you think with the addition of shaq they will be still one of the top fast break and point scoring teams. They sure as hell will not be able to get back on D as they used to and they lose one of the guys who was always out on fast-breaks. They are going to have to slow down the offense it is what happens when you play with a post force like shaq. I think this whole year of basketball trades have been a much needed boost for bringing in more fans.
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2/8/08 7:50:27PM
I'm going to say yes. The only bad thing I see about the Suns getting Shaq, is they go at a fast pace and the middle of the pain is always wide open. The only bad part is Shaq will fill up the paint and slow down the pace.

I think it will be thought because he's a huge defensive pressence. Even if he's not getting you 10 rebounds or 2 or 3 blocks a game. He's still a HUGE pressence. Who wants to shoot over a 300lbs 7 foot monster? Even if he is old, I still wouldn't!!!

This is great for Amare and Nash. It frees them up completely and it gets Amare out of foul trouble and lets him play more outside the pain which he likes.


Look at all the hot and on fire teams right now, the Hornets, Jazz, Nuggets, Spurs, Mavericks, Rockets, and Warriors. I feel bad for the team that misses out. You'll have to have 50 wins to make the playoffs. This will probably be the best western conference playoffs EVER!!! Each series should go 7 with great games. Damn!
2/8/08 9:14:40PM

Posted by NatedawgThaM
This is great for Amare and Nash. It frees them up completely and it gets Amare out of foul trouble and lets him play more outside the pain which he likes.

Actually With Shaq in the lane it makes Nash less creative through the paint as Shaq will be there. He will set huge screens, but I see him clogging up the lane hurting Nash's creativity. As for Amare he was a horrible defender playing the center spot and will now be asked to move away from the basket and play power fowards and be more of a jump shooter.

We will see how this goes in the playoffs. I think it was good for Miami as it free's up money and Marion is most likely to opt out, so who knows.
2/8/08 9:22:31PM
shaq only has a couple of years left in him anyways so i think the trade was horrible for the suns, but we'll see if shaq is more motivated with this championship caliber team.

plus i dont really believe he fits in with the kind of style the suns play with. the whole run and gun fast paced game..

he'll just screw things up
2/8/08 11:39:32PM
shaq just needs to move on and enter the octagon..
2/9/08 1:07:03PM
did this happen? imo him going to the suns would be good for him
2/9/08 1:51:06PM

Posted by THE_DRiZzLE

shaq just needs to move on and enter the octagon..

Haha... not sure how he'd do. I see a Bob Sapp scenario... big punching bag.

According to Shaq, he'll be taking on the role of fire-starter in the fast break. He's the big presence that'll grab the board and throw it down court to Nash. I guess we'll really have to see him in action to be sure. Next week the Suns play the Mavs on espn or tnt. Hopefully he'll make his debut on or before then.

Lakers FTW!
2/9/08 6:28:37PM
I don't know if people know this but the fastbreak teams are not the ones winning Championships as of late caugh caugh Spurs,Miami,Spurs and I think this might help them vs the Spurs as now they have too big guys to play vs TD this might be a good thing key word being might being might
2/9/08 6:40:51PM
I think Shaq will take them to a new level if he can stay healthy. Amare is a better PF then he is a center and Shaq is still unstoppable in the paint if he's healthy. They have the all the pieces now, if Shaq can stay healthy he'll add another ring.
2/11/08 5:16:17PM
I hate this trade for a few reasons.

My Raptors have a Miami team for the future to fight with, now that they got a great deal.

Also think Shaq is done for. This should be his last DECENT season.

Shawn Marion is solid, and he has 6-8 great seasons ahead of him.

Phoenix made a deal, when they had no reason to do it. They have Amare, and now they have a huge contract to deal with, and an old and has been injured Shaq.
2/11/08 5:46:28PM
Seconds after the Gasol trade I popped a hundred on the Lakers to win the Western Conference at 6/1 odds. It's already down to 4/1 and even 3/1 on some sites. Any deal that doesn't necessarily benefit a western conference team will make me happy.
2/29/08 12:52:23PM
Hes doing a pretty good job so far. Still learning the system, but he will help lead the Suns back to the finals.
3/1/08 7:24:22PM
shaq would be a good addition to any team regardless of style. the problem with this trade is that the suns had to give up sean marion who was there 2nd best player and was a perfect fit. this will hurt the suns in my opinion.
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