ufc 97 shaping up, even more!!

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2/4/09 4:09:18PM
Another bout is about to be added to the already awesome card....and this one should be a standup war!!

Cheick Kongo will be facing Antoni Hardonk and will be included on the maincard portion of the event.

2/4/09 4:12:34PM
Hardonk's either going to expose Kongo and show everyone his striking is slow and telegraphed or Kongo will take him down like he did Herring.
2/4/09 4:13:01PM
Should be a good stand up fight if it goes down that way.

Got to go with Kongo in this fight.
2/4/09 4:17:33PM
Kongo UD. Maybe fight of the night.
2/4/09 4:19:15PM
Damn this card gonna be full of TKO !!

Kongo gonna probably KO Hardonk, Liddell gonna KO Rua, Silva gonna KO Leites, Stann will win by KO or be TKO , the Crow have a good chance of a KO too,
Cane gonna win by KO !!

Damn it will be great ! Compare to the poor guys who saw like 8 split or UD at 94, even if to be honest some fights were good.

2/4/09 4:33:07PM
Go Kongo!!!!
2/4/09 4:34:54PM
hardonk is going to outstrike him, and if kongo decides to take it down, i have enough faith in hardonk to submit him.

oh man finally, someone is going to expose kongo!
2/4/09 4:38:36PM
Just another sign of how closely the UFC watches MMA message boards, because people have been anticipating this matchup for about two years now. Glad to see it's finally going to happen.

It's unlikely it will be the standup war many are anticipating though, as it seems Kongo prefers to wrestle good strikers. In Kongo's last bout he showed off some serious GnP, and I expect more of the same.
2/4/09 4:49:06PM
Yes! I'm glad this fight is happening.

I thinking hardonk is going to win!


War Hadonk
2/4/09 6:32:12PM
I will have to hold my tounge a bit on this one. I think both fighters have a good chance of winning. i would like to see Hardonk outstrike Kongo though.
2/4/09 7:01:33PM
kongo is so impressive to look at but he hasnt really broken out and been as dominant as a lot of people have expected. he has some quality wins, and his ground game is much better than it was when he first came to the ufc(see the marrero fight), but man id love to see hardonk KO him. hardonk has kind of become the HW darling of the chatrooms, and its because everyone loves a HW KO artist. if he ever gets any semblance of a ground game hes going to be tough for anyone to deal with because i dont know that there are more than a couple HWs in the world better on their feet.
2/4/09 8:06:21PM
might see another Kongo LnP or a Kongo Clinch Smother here.

over/under: 2 groin strikes
2/5/09 12:15:37PM
Wow they step up their game when it comes to the Canada cards there's about 6 or 7 possible fight of the year candidates

Shogun vs. Chuck
Cane vs. Cantwell
X vs. Kang
Loiseau vs. Herman
Stann vs. Soszynski
Stout vs Wiman
now Kongo vs. Hardonk
2/5/09 9:29:07PM
i like that match on maincard i watched both fight in dec live it was a matter of time they fought war kongo
2/6/09 12:25:09PM
can't see Kongo winnin this match..Hardonk has better strikin..his leg kicks are f*ckin killers..and in the match with with Eddie Sanchez,Hardonk showed that he could take some serious punches..again Hardonk threw his killer leg kicks and made Eddie drop his hands and than KO'd him..i don't think Kongo's kicks are a painful as Hardonk..and Hardonk has somethin Kongo doesn't have..BJJ..so if it does go to the ground..Hardonk should be able to submit him..Hardonk via TKO late 1st round or mid 2nd...
2/7/09 1:00:49PM

Posted by gsquat

Kongo UD. Maybe fight of the night.

Agreed on the Kongo decision. It definately has the potential to be fight of the night, unless one of them decides to take it down. Lets hope not
2/7/09 2:01:37PM
Kongo is going to kill Hardonk!
2/7/09 2:08:04PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

Kongo is going to kill Hardonk!

only if theres groin shots
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