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5/7/09 11:14:06AM
Although he would be happy with having to perhaps go through Cheick Kongo first, Shane Carwin recently noted that his end goal is still either Brock Lesnar or Frank Mir-namely the one who leaves UFC 100 with the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. But Carwin remains willing to do whatever is necessary to get there.

5/7/09 12:01:21PM
For me Personally, I'd want to see Carwin vs Lesnar. Battle of the giants.
5/7/09 12:30:14PM
Carwin should fight Kongo for the #1 Contender spot. Kongo's only losses in the UFC were by split decision and he's looked much improved since switching camps. Carwin has big power, both guys like to stand and trade so it would be an exciting fight.
5/7/09 12:34:54PM
I don't think Carwin would beat either Mir or Brock, he has KO power no doubt but if that does not work out for him he is not taking down Brock (superior wrestling) or Mir (BJJ threat). Carwin has definately proved he belongs in the mix but does anyone think he will be champ?
5/7/09 1:14:00PM
I think Carwin could easily challenge Brock. At the very least seeing two polar bears fight each other would be entertaining. I think Carwin hits harder and the weight difference is negated. I also think that Carwin--being an outstanding wrestler himself NCAA II heavyweight champion will negate Brock's advantage on the ground He was a 2 sport player in college so he was focused even more on Football and still won championships in wrestling. Had he focused solely on wrestling he could have done DI and probably had the same outcome. The guy just WINS at whatever he does. Pick it---he rises to the top.

Carwin's power is also greater than Brocks IMO. All of his fights in the UFC and before the UFC were stoppages early early in the first round---either submissions or KO's. Actually having him fight Kongo will be very good because it will really test his chin--plus the guys are just ridiculous specimens and incredibly powerful. You have to wonder what will happen on the ground with those two...who will outtechnique who? Carwin likes to finish with subs on the ground not just ground and pound. He goes for the finish...what will he do with Kongo when he gets him down? Or will Kongo's great striking finish him? I'm fascinated already. ;)
5/7/09 2:08:53PM
I think if he beats Kongo then I will definately pick him to beat either Brock or Mir in a title fight.
5/7/09 4:00:15PM
im a huge fan of both of them i really hope the ufc puts this together
5/7/09 5:11:40PM
i think carwin will get his shot next maybe in oct or nov i guess
5/7/09 10:01:50PM
I'm not buying into the hype yet, I think Kongo can pick him apart on the feet. As we saw with Hardonk, Kongo dominated him, and Carwin has minimal head movement. He'll get KO'd against Kongo.
5/7/09 11:14:39PM
I think the fight we all want to see and the fight that would make the most sense is kongo vs carwin, basically your typical striker vs wrestler matchup so it will determine just how good kongo's td defense is and if he wants to sprawl against brock then hes gotta be able to do it against carwin, also carwin has big power vs kongo who's only been stopped once in his career and that came more from him gassing out then being rocked, so I wonder what would happen if carwin did get him down and if he would be able to pound em out, i also dont think kongo would gbe able to use his ground n pound against carwin
5/8/09 12:00:09AM
Kongo, most overrated heavy in the UFC. They have been doing everything to make that guy look good, guy has beaten a who's who of nobodies and people much past their prime. Plus that whole chest tap and fist in the air routine, how many ******* times does he have to do that in one night? Probably the stupidest thing I have seen a pro fighter do since Chuck came down to that hilarious/awful intro video for Chuck/Randy I

Anyways off topic. Kongo, if he can lose a split to Heath Herring, and let Marrero lay on top of him Carwin would eat him up. The guy destroyed Gabe Gonzaga, a legitimate top 10 threat HW, that should have answered all doubters. As for Kongo knocking out Carwin, please, his striking looked like crap against Hardonk. In fact, I can't remember ever being impressed with his so called kick boxing pedigree. I do see him winning fights by ground and pound, that's probably going to be a problem against Carwin. Shane, first round TKO/KO if that bout ever happens.
5/8/09 9:30:36PM
His chin was tested by Gonzaga and it passed the test. Carwin can take a punch and a big one at that....
5/8/09 10:31:10PM
Carwin is definetally a solid competitor for the Heavyweight title. But, if I had to pick the #1 contender after the Mir/Lesnar fight. It would have to be Kongo.

Just like the article says they should make a Carwin/Kongo matchup for the #1 contendership. You also can't sleep on Cain Velazquez though. The heavyweight division is pretty solid and deep right now.

Can anyone say Pat Barry too! That guys got the most vicious leg kicks I've ever seen. When he chopped down Dan Evenson in his first UFC fight I was like crap!
5/8/09 10:59:49PM
He better hope lightening strikes twice then because I just don't see him beating Lesnar who I think hits just as hard with his huge fists, and I definitely don't see him being able to handle the speed and explosiveness, and the excelent wrestling of Lesnars.

I could see him definitely taking Mir out on the feet though similarly to how he did it to Gonzaga. Maybe Mir might be more technical and lands some good shots but it'll just take one from him to put him down!
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