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11/15/12 12:31:55AM
Shane Carwin's manager, Jason Genet of Ingrained Media, told on Wednesday night that his client suffered extensive damage to his knee in training. UFC president Dana White confirmed that Carwin will not make his scheduled December encounter with Roy Nelson at The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale.

"He was essentially training through the injury and pushed too hard, too fast," Genet said. "The gut feeling is that he can recover without surgery if he rehabs it."

Genet said that Carwin, a former interim UFC heavyweight champion, tore his PCL, LCL and popliteus in his knee, but added, "Shane will be fine and is staying positive."

Carwin has not competed since early in 2011, falling to current UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos. He underwent back surgery and was on his way to returning before the knee injury.

11/15/12 12:38:17AM
Hope he retires instead of pushing his body to it's breaking point.

Don't worry, Shane. You gave Lesnar a solid beating for a full round and for that we will forever love you.
11/15/12 12:48:45AM
Injury of the Month:

Torn Ligaments

All together Kids

11/15/12 2:11:48AM
He may just be too old to come to back from this one......suck butt!
11/15/12 6:26:26AM
if he does decide to come back he has got to be lookin at another 8-12 months out or even more. I get how small guys can come back from those type of injuries, but with carwin's size and age its gonna be tough.
11/15/12 8:05:22AM
That's very unfortunate. I'm really not that big of a Carwin or Nelson fanbut I was really looking forward to these 2 hammer on each other.

There are quit a few fights I'm looking forward to before the year was over and the Carwin vs Nelson fight was up there, probably top 3 if not better.
11/15/12 8:34:59AM
cormier vs nelson?
11/15/12 4:17:27PM
Every ligament? I just read somewhere that's he's going to fight in February now.
11/15/12 5:18:36PM
If its as bad as he is claiming he is done fighting or at least will never be the same.
11/15/12 6:13:25PM

Posted by the-king

cormier vs nelson?

Yes please or Warmaster

What's with these managers exaggerating everything the last week? Shane Carwin tore every ligament that was ever in a knee ever!!!! If Cyborg cut to 135 SHE WOULD DIE!!!!!!
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