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10/19/08 11:24:27AM
anybody when Joe Rogan said that when Carwin was entering his fist can cover my whole face
10/19/08 11:29:47AM
I heard that and couldn't believe it. It's ridiculous.
10/19/08 11:34:07AM
i thought he was kidding at first....not the case. I am agreed with Juanez, he doesn't punch you in the cheek, eye or nose. He punches your whole face at once. I really like Carwin, and want to see against better competition.
10/19/08 11:41:37AM
He's a monster. His hands are probably bigger than Johny Bench's. He could hold 6 baseballs in one hand. 5x?!!!! I though 4x w/ Brock would've been the biggest there was, but geez, that's crazy.... I want to see him vs. Brock..
The battle of the absurdly/friekishly large-handed monsters..........
10/19/08 11:42:40AM
that's effing crazy!
10/19/08 6:40:24PM
i tell the fact that lesnar coulnt fit into 4XL gloves and now thsi dude has 5X@?!?!?!? nuts
10/19/08 7:29:16PM
How about the fact that Joe and Mike said they could feel the punches from the GnP at their announcer's table? That's some intense shit- and he wasn't even landing cleanly!
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