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6/29/07 4:06:12AM now has an interview available with Frank Shamrock. In the interview, Shamrock indicates that he will likely need knee surgery to repair a torn ACL and MCL and a partially torn meniscus. He’s waiting for the swelling to subside before a final determination is made about surgery.

Shamrock said that he respects Phil Baroni and that he feels everything is settled between the two. Once his knee is healed he indicated that he wants a rematch with Renzo Gracie.

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6/29/07 6:23:28AM
sweet, i was looking forward to a rematch after the last fight between the two. i think that once frank is better he can continue on winning ways, maybe even start to fight higher calibur fighters....
6/29/07 8:40:09AM
i cant wait to see frank school renzo, but i doubt the fight will ever happen
6/29/07 9:01:33AM
I hope this is the start of a long streak for Frank. He is going to destroy anyone in his path.
6/29/07 2:07:25PM
I just want to know when Frank will fight a top flight contender in his division. His last victory against a top contender was Tito way back in 99. With all due respect to Renzo and Baroni, they are not top fighters in the division. He is now a champion and champions should want to fight the best fighters in his division. His next fight should be against Ninja or whoever else holds the EliteXC title.

If he wants to call himself a legend, he should prove he deserves that title.
6/29/07 10:48:29PM
Spider took the words out of my mouth. He needs to prove hes a champ