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4/6/08 1:38:28AM
Where Frank Shamrock stands among the upper echelon of fighters can be debated, particularly after his loss of the Strikeforce middleweight title to Cung Le on March 29.

But what can't be debated is that there isn't another fighter in the business who is better at marketing himself. The Shamrock-Le match at the HP Pavilion in San Jose gave Shamrock main event spots in two of the three largest paid attendances ever in North America for a mixed martial arts event.

But he did so without the television exposure or the ticket selling value of the UFC name.

Shamrock not only doesn't mind if people hate him, he relishes it, if it results in them wanting to see him fight just to see him humbled. And after being knocked off the horse in the Le match with a broken arm, and five hours or surgery on Sunday which left the arm in a massive cast, he's already planning his next moves.

The timetable for Shamrock's return looks to be in about eight months. He had a plate and six screws inserted to put his ulna bone in his right forearm back together.

He felt it break in the second round but kept fighting on it. It had turned red and started swelling, and he noticed when throwing punches that instead of the impact reverberating up his arm and into his shoulder, it just stopped on one side of the arm, at the forearm. He was able to fight with it, and had Le on the run late in the third round.


Was a great fight, and honestly it was the first time I really felt the pre-fight stomach butterflies and giddyness knowing it was going to be great (packed arena, amazing athletes, hyped fight, charismatic fighters, crowd at a frenzy, etc, etc) from any North American production other than the UFC. Now that EliteXC has the CBS contract hopefully they can use that money to flesh out their stable even more as it still lacks the depth it needs.
4/6/08 1:58:12AM
I think name value can make him relevent but that's about it. The guy has skills but even being one of my favorite fighters i have to say his time of being an elite in his weight is done.

The reason the guy won half his fights is his ability as a master strategest so I guess in that way I give it up to him that he can still win big fights.

The guys striking is not as good as it seems and his wrestling ability is just too low for this age of mma. Keep in mind I say this from what I've seen recently. His generation is just done. No crafty kneed to the head, not rabbit ***** to throw em off, you can't sit in your guard and let Tito beat you up while popping his ears for 4 rounds, theres a standup rule that is used more frequently now.

Too many things have changed.

I'll still watch him though lol
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