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2/13/07 10:05:56AM
After watching the Elite card on Saturday and seeing what happened at the end does the way Frank handled it hurt the cause of Elite more than it helps. I think so.

For the most part it was a decent card. With this being a new company and a new venture for mma on premium cable your headliner should not be claiming that he didnt know the rules and really not caring that he took the fight away from the fans. He looked more like a pro wrestler during his interviews which is probally the last thing Elite or Showtime wanted.

I dont agree that since it was on Showtime that it was less disapointing to have the fight end how it did. I have to pay for Showtime and the other premium channels. What they program on there channel is what dictates whether i order that service. HBO has long had my money for there original shows, movies and there boxing content. Showtime i only have becuse of a promotion. This new MMA org being on there channel was going to be a factor in whether i pay for this service in the future. I belive HBO will be watching closley to Showtime and Elite to help them in there foray into MMA.

Question for others out there. They talked about Frank and Baroni being PPV, would you order it after what you saw on Saturday?
2/13/07 10:15:00AM
Good post. Prop's. No , I wouldn't buy it. Also, Shamrock needs to beat someone in the Top 10 instead of losing to someone who isn't top 25 IMO before he open's his piehole and start's bragging again.
2/13/07 10:51:01AM
Good points, and it got me thinking? Is this going to make HBO gun shy about working with the UFC?
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