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7/21/08 8:24:32PM
My pick is Alvarez/Kawajiri. Thoughts?
7/21/08 9:11:20PM
Of those three I would say Alvarez/Kawajiri. I think Alvarez vs Hansen was fight of the year so far. It was more dynamic, had striking, submission, back and forth. Can't wait until the second time.
7/21/08 9:59:00PM
Well I will have to say Alvarez/Kawajiri but the rapge/griffin fight wasnt the best fight, i would have it ranked 3rd out of these fights. Then the shamrock/Le fight was kinda more of an entertain thing than a fight with all the glove touching and the pausing in between the fight. I mean it a fight come on, you dont stop to touch gloves in the middle of the round.

7/21/08 10:27:54PM
Alvarez / Kawajiri from your list. for the fight of the year, Alvarez / Hansesn is my choice. it was such a back and forth battle that saw the fight hit every scenario with a high pace and nail biting action.
7/22/08 1:19:37AM
Alvarez / Kawajiri

That was a great show overall
7/22/08 2:32:39AM
Eddie Alvarez vs. Joachim Hansen is the Fight Of The Year so far.

Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda has to be mentioned as well.

7/22/08 6:46:08AM
i still like torres vs. maeda but alvarez vs. kawajiri is right there. rampage griffin has to be up there because of the magnitude, I was at the edge of my seat the entire fight even if it wasn't as exciting as some fights this year, the magnitude made it as exciting or more exciting.
7/22/08 8:27:33AM
7/22/08 9:00:18AM
alvarez/kawajiri was sick
7/23/08 4:15:22AM
1. Alvarez vs. Kawajiri
2. Torres vs. Maeda
3. Alverez vs. Hansen
7/23/08 11:04:54AM
personally think Alvarez's entire DreamGP run was worthy... The kid puts on killer fights... Dida, Hansen, Kawajiri... Could you imagine if we got to see him fight Aoki!!!
8/28/08 12:53:45PM
#1 Alvarez vs. Kawajiri
#2 Alvarez vs. Hansen
#3 Shamrock vs. Le
#4 Condit vs. Miura
#5 Stann vs. Cantwell

Soon to be added - Forrest vs. Chuck.
8/28/08 12:58:01PM

Posted by Pookie

1. Alvarez vs. Kawajiri
2. Torres vs. Maeda
3. Alverez vs. Hansen

thats the way i see it too
8/28/08 1:34:04PM
Wtf. The real fight of the year was Maeda/Torres. In my view, it was much better than any of those other fights.
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