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7/21/07 8:20:49PM
Could Frank Shamrock hang in the UFC today, with all the new talent?
7/21/07 11:53:26PM
Drugs, you like them dont you.

what the hell are you asking
7/22/07 12:23:23AM
i r spek teh engwish vell

sorry had to
7/22/07 1:35:56AM
hes asking could frank shamrock do well in the recent UFCs. basically could shamrock hang with the newer MMA fighters under the NEW MMA rules
7/22/07 2:53:44AM
Well he demolished Baroni...so yes he could. He's a cardio machine and well rounded. He has all the tools to beat anyone. Would he? We may never know, but hopefully he will take some better matches against top fighters. He talks a lot of smack, but he CAN back it up. And how many guys hold victories over Bas Rutten (and yes, I know Bas avenged)? Not many.
7/22/07 3:19:44AM
i would like to see matt hughes vs frank shamrock i think shamrock would come out on top though
7/22/07 1:07:11PM
i would love to see anderson silva vs. frank shamrock that would be a war but silva would take it
7/22/07 4:38:02PM
frank is the sh*t
7/22/07 6:24:35PM
i dont think he can, i dont see him against rich franklin or silva, or marquardt, or lindland, or henderson (although he fought him be4), baroni isnt good anymore (not sure he ever was) he is a good striker but he is too slow, frank was juss the faster and more technical striker........ but thats juss my opinion
7/23/07 12:01:05AM
Oh yah for sure in the middle weight division but not the lhw.
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