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3/8/08 11:10:38PM
what now for kimbo that Shammy got KOed
3/9/08 12:56:58AM
Semmy Schilt lol
3/9/08 1:15:48PM
Brett Rogers!
Buzz Berry
3/9/08 6:53:26PM
please be Buentello please be buentello please be Buentello
3/9/08 7:14:16PM
Ken should take the hint that between his age and a 2-8 record in his last 10 fights means it's time to hang up the gloves.... or fight in smaller orgs like Severn if he really likes the competition.
3/9/08 7:16:30PM
Ken vs. Tank.
I heard that they do have bad blood between them.
That and I think they are both 2-8 in their last 10 fights.

Oh, and back to Kimbo.
---- I think EliteXC needs to protect their asset for a bit longer so no fight with Ricco. Id like a fight with someone with a decent name recognition however... James Thompson. Paul Buentello could be a fight in the future.
3/9/08 7:36:40PM
3/29/08 11:53:59PM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

please be Buentello please be buentello please be Buentello

This is the fight that I hope for as well. This would be a measuring stick for Kimbo, plus boost buentello's popularity as well if he wins.
3/30/08 5:24:09AM
aleks emelio, i dont care if kimbo isnt established yet i want this fight, by the way i would pick aleks by a mile
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