SFS 2: Doerkson vs. Cooper

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10/15/11 12:46:57AM
So i wanted to do a quick little results bulletin for the smaller shows, just for fun anyways, as i wanna do this on the regular basis, if thats cool with yall, which could be convenient for those who onlky go on mmaplayground.com.

Score Fighting Series 2: Doerksen vs. Cooper

1.Jason Meizel(1-0) def. Adam Assenza(0-1) via SD
2.Corey Houston(4-1) def. Denis Puric(3-3) via SUB(Triangle Choke) at 4:05 of Rd 2
3.Eric Moon(7-6) def. Rory Mcdonell(5-6) via UD
4.Tristan Johnson(7-2) def. Lyndon Whitlock(5-2) via TKO(punches) at 4:55 of Rd 1
5.Alex Ricci(4-0) def. Tim Smith(10-6) via TKO(head kick and elbows) at 2:41 of Rd 2
CO-Main Event-6.William Romero(7-3) def. Stephane Bernadel(7-4) via KO(punch) at 3:07 of Rd 1
Main Event-7.Brett Cooper(15-7) def. Joe Doerksen(47-16) via TKO(punches) at 3:55 of Rd 1

10/15/11 12:52:56AM
I picked Cooper by UD. I get a shit load of 5s in the secondary league.
10/15/11 1:00:30AM
i picked doerksen and i had him in my parlay, but what happened with the hornbuckle/zaromskis fight?
10/15/11 1:12:02AM
I had a Cooper 2TKO.

Too bad it was cancelled because Hornbuckle/Zaromskis was the Hot Bout.

Here's a response on Sherdog. Take it for what it's worth because there was no source cited though the last sentence makes it sound like the quote came from someone announcing the event:

"Hornbuckle got injured in the last couple days.

So Alex quickly put together Brock Larson vs Zaromskis, then day-of Zaromskis injured his rib.

Too bad. What a great fight.

But really excited about this show. Very very close matchups of great athletes. Gonna be so fun to call."
10/15/11 6:56:06AM

Posted by Kpro

I had a Cooper 2TKO.

As did I.
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