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3/11/12 8:43:13AM
SFL's YouTube Live Stream

8 fights in India. Starts at 9:45AM ET / 6:45AM PT.

Bob Sapp vs. James Thompson
Xavier Foupa-Pokam vs. Joey Guel
Jimmy Ambriz vs. Satish Jha
Lak Sekhon vs. Madura Rathnayake
Lena Ovchynnikova vs. Sanja Sucevic
Mohd Shahid vs. Mayura Dissanayake
Neil Natasadu vs. Travis Bell
Chaitanya Gavali vs. Tiran Thakshala
3/11/12 8:47:16AM
Ahh if only I was waking up instead of going to sleep....
3/11/12 8:56:52AM
It's got Bob Sapp.

vs. James Thompson

AND Lena!

What more could you ask for?
3/11/12 9:57:13AM
Super FL is sure taking Super F*n Long enough to start
3/11/12 11:41:56AM
I'm glad it started so late. I woke up just in time for the first fight (which was awful).

nvm, looks like I missed a few fights
3/11/12 11:58:43AM
Lena Ovchynnikova is crazy hot for a fighter
3/11/12 12:29:30PM
Sapp taps to a takedown, lmao
3/11/12 12:37:07PM
Professor X
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3/11/12 4:39:38PM
Caught the last couple of fights. Thanks for the link!
3/11/12 7:22:03PM
It's at a point where I'm almost lost for words. Sapp just needs to go.
3/12/12 2:20:51AM

Posted by FastKnockout

It's at a point where I'm almost lost for words. Sapp just needs to go.

He's just fighting for a check now, it seems
3/13/12 8:10:11PM
They're having monthly events and signed a 3 year deal with YouTube to show their fights live. Just an FYI.

I think Duffee/Grove is their next headliner and Prangley is on the card.
3/14/12 12:00:33PM
not a bad event for their first time and having a bunch of newbie Sri Lanka vs India fights. But to make the next event better they need to:

- get rid of that announcer. he sounds forced, screws up the names, fluctuates his voice at the wrong times, and has a bad accent
- don't let that John Issac, or w/e his name is, back in the commentators table. Worst guest colour commentary ever
- get some theme songs for the fighters. Hearing the SFL theme song all night long got very annoying
- DO NOT put the camera on the local celebrities DURING A FIGHT!!! This annoyed the hell out of me the most
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