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7/8/08 10:48:04PM
Just joined. I lurked since 85, and wanted to wait until the season was over before I joined. I'm glad to finally join. Saw how awesome this could be and am ready to impress.

My name is Shane, but just call me Sex Pimp.
7/8/08 10:51:37PM
no i'll just call ya shane lol wecome!
7/8/08 10:52:42PM
Welcome S.P.
You have joined the best MMA site out there.
For that alone will atone for looking like Vanilla Ice
7/8/08 10:54:48PM
OH my welcome
7/8/08 10:57:01PM
That's not actually me. I do have the hat though.

Thanks for the welcoming guys!
7/8/08 11:04:07PM
Props to you for joining the playground. You will have to earn the rest. Great site. Great posters. Great Mods. Far better than what Sherdog or any other MMA sight has in my opinion. Look forward to hearing what you have to say.
7/9/08 6:10:55AM
best site ever, welcome!!!
7/9/08 6:53:13PM
welcome duder.. you picked the right camp
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