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5/11/08 5:34:51PM
Just checked the stats per event page and the season 3 tab includes WEC 34 which makes 11 events in total?

Can a mod confirm this is a mistake and the season is indeed ending with sengoku 2?
5/11/08 6:19:49PM
I noticed this also, looks to be just a simple mistake. Yet, I could be wrong. We'll have to wait and see what they say.
5/11/08 6:46:54PM
I just noticed it and was looking for a post on it, I had thrown all my money on WVR but just noticed WEC in the last spot. I hope WVR is the last one...just so I dont fall out of the top 10 in points lol
5/11/08 7:00:14PM
I'm assuming there will only be 10 events...they probaly just haven't named Season 4 yet, so they have no where else to put the WEC card.
5/12/08 2:06:49AM
Bingo. The next season has to be programmed in, but we wanted to put the WEC card up some people could have something to get excited about for next season. Once WVR is over, we'll reset bankrolls and all that good stuff and it'll be in Season 4.
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