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8/18/08 4:09:49PM
I seen the thing on a couple forums here... but nothing anywhere else. For the longest, I wondered about the UFC 91 card, and what/who they could put together, as a main event, it works. \
Has anyone seen or heard anything else about it? Is it for real?
8/18/08 4:21:01PM
I dont think it will happen. I mean i want it to happen but i just dont see it happening this year.
8/18/08 4:38:03PM
there saying nov 15th in portland

i heard gonzaga will be fighting on the card
and rumored main event of wandy vs rampage
that is all i know
8/18/08 8:21:37PM
It gets tough to tell what rumors to get excited about and which ones to ignore. This would be an exciting fight, def worthy of main event IMO. However, I don't see it happening. I don't see rampage being ready to fight then. I'm guessing wandy/bonnar (no where near as fun), in december. He'll move through bonnar and get to page sometime next year.
8/18/08 9:52:04PM
I want this fight to happen, but not in November. I think they should wait longer because of the Rampage situation, even if it would affect him it can be a reason for post-fight nonsense talk (e.g. "his head was on his problem"... "he couldn't train well"). So I rather wait than listen to excuses.
8/18/08 10:45:14PM
Winner of this fight will prob get a 1 one contender shot or a title shot for sure these will both be a huge win for either fighter.
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