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9/18/07 5:56:38PM
I know this is probably the last place I can find one, but I'm going to try anyway.

My old laptop crapped out on me, but I was able to recover the HD. I put it into one of those "Rocketfish" 2.5 inch portable hard driver maker thingies and everything fit fine. Except there were a few pins that didn't connect and were off to the side of the actual hard drive connection inside the rocketfish. I didn't have to jam anything in or anything.. it all went in smoothly so I get the feeling maybe those pins were unnecessary?

For some reason it's not installing correctly on either of my computers when I plug in the USB connections. It keeps popping up saying it didn't install properly and even though it says "USB Portable Storage Device" no new drives pop up in my control panel. The manual says I may have to reformat the old hard drive but I'm hoping this isn't the case because what I really need is that information on that hard drive. I wouldn't have bought the damn thing if I didn't want the info!

Anyway, this laptop now is Windows Vista, my desktop is Windows XP (neither will install the rocketfish properly) and the hard drive came out of a windows XP computer. It says it should all be fine compatibility wise, but obviously something's screwed.

Any help is greatly appreciated you guys!
9/18/07 6:35:55PM
Oh yeah, and I went on the website to find new drivers, but of course that didn't work.

I think I'm going to take this damn thing back if I can't get it figured out between today and tomorrow.
9/18/07 6:50:31PM
Im not amazing with computers, but I suspect the extra pins may have been to make it compatible with more types of sockets. If the device is being recognised or at least detected by the computer then you know that there is at least data transfer happening, even if its not happening the way you need it to. Sounds like it may be a faulty product. Take it back to the store (prefferably with the lap top if you can) and demonstrate it not working. They will either refund you, or show you how to use it on the spot, thus fixing your problem.
9/18/07 8:36:08PM
I've never installed one of these things, but I have built several computers.

Here are a few things that I can suggest off the top of my head

1) Have you checked to see that your hard drive and the rocketfish are both SATA or ATA connections? SATA is a newer hard drive connection and has fewer pins than ATA. That might be the reason the pins are different numbers. However, if it is anything like a desktop hard drive installation I can't see how it would not give you an indication of incompatibilty when you put the drive in.

2) Does your hard drive jumpers have to be set to slave (instead of master) for it to work in the rocketfish? If this is an issue than the information should be in the manual

3) I'm not clear as to whether or not you could get or even tried to install the driver for the rocketfish. I think some (if not all) of these things need a driver installed for it to work. I thought this was strange considering it defeats the purpose of USB, but it's something to look for.

Sorry, but this is all the advice I can give you at this point.
9/19/07 1:11:38AM
Thanks a lot, guys

The SATA / ATA is a good point. I didn't even think of that. I just figured that because it came out of a laptop maybe there were a few extra pins that were laptop essential, but not portable hard drive essential. You know, certain power pins and LED pins. I'll have to check that out. I'm really familiar with desktops, but all these laptops confuse the shit out of me, LOL.

I'll try those and if they don't work I'll take it back or talk to some gurus over there at Best Buy (boo!)
9/19/07 12:27:49PM
im not to great with them but what they told you stands like it should work
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