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9/25/07 3:29:28PM
Watch it here its Hiliarious:

Rough translation on the interview:

On september 17 Sergei avenged his loss to Alistair Overeem, when he returned home he gave an interview to his fans on his official website.

Sergey, for what team/camp you now represent? Golden Glory, Russian Top Team, Club Volk Han?

Kharitonov: Now my manager is Bass of buna, the manager of command Golden Glory, and I continue to be trained with the Russian command. Here good champions and strikers, me everything arranges.

Sergei says he is happy with his win over Alistair but his fight will be better in the future.

Will Sergei only compete in K1 Stand up fights in the near future?

Kharitonov: These will be combat in HEROS. To the new year it is planned to conduct 2 additional tournaments and possibly I will come out on them. Is probability that I will fight at the tournament in Korea.

Sergei says he will move to Amsterdam to train.

Does your younger brother Anatoly plan to start with mma too?

Kharitonov: Thus far I do not know, such plans exist, but here it will come out or not, future will show.

Is there any fighter in MMA that he would like to fight?

Kharitonov: I is ready to fight with any but first in this list is Fedor Emelianenko.

Does he like to play any video or computer games, which ones?

kharitonov: It is rare, but neatly (laughs). im not a big fan of computer games, but it occurs you will sit down at the computer and cannot be detached. I love games of the type DOOM.

You have idols?
Kharitonov: Idols, idols. Looking in what region, if in the boxing, then this is certain cluster Jones, Artur To gatti. If we take army, then there its priorities.
(****** up translation I know)

What type of food does he like?

Kharitonov: Anything, as of lately its been Japanese, (he says he like Ukrainian food and mentions his wife is ukrainian)

Which are his favorite athletes in MMA?

Kharitonov: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. It causes in me most of all of sympathies and respect. Moreover not only as soldier, but also as men. Even in different soldiers some of their features please themselves me. In Mirko and Nogueira their calmness and composure. In Fedor his diligence, it champion not simply so, but because it precisely ploughs on the trainings. In Mark Coleman pleases itself that it precisely soldier on the life, to it it is already more than forty years, and it continues to leave to the ring.

Which is his favorite fight in MMA? and which of his own fights is he most proud of?

I have many and its hard to pick just one. Well here for example battle Mirko vs Nogueira where the Brazilian conquered due to his nature and composure. Despite the fact that Nogueira napropuskal much by impact, he waited moment and knew how to conduct painful method.

(His own favorite fight) Pedro Rizzo. I was then in the splendid form and entire battle was conducted on one respiration. Are still memorable combat with Schilts, Nogueira.
Thanks for the interview, we desire to you new victories both in the ring and in the life.

Kharitonov: Thanks to my fans for the support! I will try them and to further gladden by my victories.

Original link to the interview in russian:
9/25/07 6:02:22PM
Doesn't seem like he has any UFC plans. You never hear his name mentioned by Dana or anyone really. It's a shame because Sergei would put up a great fight with any Heavyweight around.
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