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8/13/08 2:26:12PM
Whats happend to this guy lately? anybody know whats going and were he is?....last time i saw him he was knocking out allistair overeem, now overeem rattles off two wins and is starting to hear top 10 talk.....sergie i always thought was awesome when his heart is in it...had an awesome fight (loss) to alek e. and a thrilling fight agaisnt big nog, with wins over the likes of werdum..i think he might not be top 10 anymore but atleast top 15, and should be rated higher than overeem....does anybody know when his next fight is to prove this or any updates on the guy?
8/13/08 5:08:14PM
Well he's still a Full Time Airborne Ranger so I'm pretty sure that's what's keeping him from Fighting
8/14/08 1:15:37AM
Kharitonov was always on active duty throughout his career. The reason he's not fighting yet is he has still to reach a deal with DREAM. His last interview said he was close to reaching a deal with DREAM and would fight once he did, so he should be signing with them pretty soon.

Can't wait, he's the most underrated heavy ever. Watch that fight with Nog again, he clearly won (not by much, but by enough). Top 10 easy, maybe top 5.
8/14/08 1:23:40AM
Most under the radar guy in the hw division.
8/14/08 11:41:10AM
I still got Sergei on my top 10 list... They guy's got solid ground game, great hands and a super solid chin... It always amazed me how he just popped up after the AleksE stoppage... ti looked like those knees did absolutely nothing to him...

I would love to see him fight some of the big heavy's at Affliction, a figth with Barnett or Arlovski or even Rothwell would be amazing...
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