Where were you on Sept 11th???

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9/11/08 10:46:53AM
I had all my stuff packed in my car and was towing a trailer from Washington State to Florida..........

It was the morning before I planned to make the drive, I woke up to a phne call from a freind that told me to turn on the TV.....

I did just as the 2nd plane hit......

I still made the move, but it was short lived I moved back home as the anthrax scare was going on in the counties next to were I moved....

It was to scary of a time to be that far from home
9/11/08 10:59:28AM
I was in Florida working at my hotel jobdoing room service Listening to Howard Stern when he reported a plane hit one of the towers, didnt think much of it until he reported later another hit the other tower. Then I ran out to the bar to watch with everyone else. My dad was down visiting me and my brothers and was set to leave that day, but his flight was obviously cancelled for a few days.

The Anthrax thing was a bit closer to home because one was mailed to a place a few miles from the hotel I worked at.
9/11/08 11:07:33AM
I worked 2nd shift...didn't crash out until about 4am that morning. My roommate's girlfriend woke me up shortly after they confirmed that the 1st plane to hit was a passenger plane. She said something along the lines of, "You may want to see this." and I snapped at her saying, "No, I may want to sleep. Shut my door."

I couldn't fall back to sleep and eventually got up to see what was actually going on. I sat down to watch TV just before the 2nd plane hit. And I watched CNN for the next 2 weeks non-stop.
9/11/08 11:09:51AM
Every one and there cousins uncle was glued to the TV....

I had no idea that there was so many news channels until that day
9/11/08 11:28:55AM
french class
9/11/08 11:33:39AM
I was at work in Down town Pittsburgh I missed everything then I guy from another part of the building came and told me about it. He used very colorful words to. I remeber swithching from ESPN radio to KDKA radio and listened to the coverage. We were told we could go home but the streets were gridlocked and I had a bigg job to finish. 2 years later when I went for a promotion during my interview one of the bosses brought up that I was one of only 3 ppl who stayed on that day. It prob had more to do with the traffic and the fact I didn't see any of it happen, then the work needing done but it helped me in the long run.
9/11/08 11:58:33AM
I was in my apartment in Columbus getting ready to go to afternoon classes that day when my dad called me from Las Vegas to say they made it out there OK earlier that morning and not to worry. I didn't know what he was talking about because I was just waking up so he told me to turn on the TV and I knew then I would always remember exactly what I was doing that day.
9/11/08 12:43:02PM
i was at home in california and i live in the bay area and oafter the attack on that coast it was a big scare over hear that they where gonna atack our coast and i live mear miles from all the biggest targets on this coast so i was afraid not to mention my uncle and cousins all live and work in new york and where eating at the burger king right there and thankfully got out in time before it was totaled
9/11/08 1:14:15PM
6th grade social studies class, when i first heard about it .

and i was scared as hell because my uncle works 2 blocks away from where they were. so i went out of class to call my mom. but thank god he went home before the attacks
9/11/08 1:40:35PM
woke up, didnt even get ready for work yet and there was news coverage all over about the first plane, but of course i didnt even think it could be what it was. called into work after the 2nd hit and just sat around watching tv in between bouts of crying for the next few days. about a week later it was all but confirmed that i had lost 2 friends from high school(they were married and worked together, paul and crystal) in the attacks, what a terrible day/week/time for our country, it still makes me tear up.
9/11/08 2:06:50PM
Was passed out in my old dorm room in River Falls Wisconsin... My roommates GF called him and then he woke me up, told us to turn on the TV and I sat there and watched in awe for the majority of the day
9/11/08 2:55:11PM
I was at work, had only been at this new company for a few month's. We heard it from a customer. My boss had a TV. In his office and we too watched as the 2nd plane hit.
I had been in combat twice before that happened. Before that I thought I saw all the evil man can inflict on his fellow man.

I was wrong.
9/11/08 3:18:19PM
Asleep at home until just after the first WTC tower was attacked, playing Nintendo 64 until shortly after the Pentagon was attacked. The only reason I wasn't at my job on Capitol Hill during the attacks was because I was working evening shifts at the time and thus didn't have to be at work until 4:30 PM (I had a separate day job and had that morning off). I didn't think it was a big deal when the WTC was attacked because it had happened before, but when I saw the Pentagon I realized it was dead serious. Spent the next several hours trying to get in touch with my father, he works in DC (not on Capitol Hill or at the Pentagon though), couldn't get through to him until he got home safely. When he got home it was only the second time I've ever seen him cry in my entire life.
9/11/08 3:27:25PM
I was in fifth grade, it was crazy! A bunch of elementary school kids running around spinning everything out of proportion. I mean it was horrible but I was hearing about World War 3 and bombings in Detroit and Grand Rapids and Saginaw was next. I live in Michigan so Michigan cities were used.

It was crazy, I don't think I'll ever forget that whole day. From the time I realized what really happened on.

I grew up a bit that day, you kind of had to seeing the kind of evil this world can have. I watched coverage from the time I went home to when I fell asleep... it was tough watching that kind of stuff so young.

But it happened and I pray it never does again so my future kids and everyone else's never has to go through something like this.
9/11/08 3:45:06PM
i was in 5th grade. we walked into the classroom and saw our teacher watching it. we didnt know what it was so she quickly turned it off and told us we had a half day. we were excited as shit until we got home and heard what happened.

that is the fasted i have ever gone from extremely happy to totally depressed
9/11/08 3:48:07PM
the majority of the posters are making me feel young around here :/

i was in 8th grade, in class when i heard the world trade centers got hit by planes. i didn't think too much of it because i had no clue what the world trade centers were. when i got home and looked at the footage i couldn't turn it off. my family and i were watching the news for maybe 5 hours in pure disbelief.
9/11/08 8:00:02PM
At school, when I got home thats all I and my family was watching.
9/11/08 8:28:16PM
I was at work, doing a job that I hated. My boss permited us to watch the news for the first 30 minutes after the story broke then insisted that everyone get back to work ASAP. The following week when I got my paycheck I was docked 30 minutes of pay from that check...
9/11/08 8:38:31PM
in government class in highschool
the school had tvs in every room, but wouldnt let us watch
so ALL my teachers pulled out radios or let us go to other classrooms w/ radio to listen to what was going on
around 11:15 AM CST my dad came & got permission for me to leave school, then i went home & watched the news for about 4 hours & went & coached our girl's soccer team....most lackluster game ever, no one cared

my buddy taped the news that day & watches it every year as if it were live.....i watched it w/ him once.....super creepy
9/11/08 8:43:31PM

Posted by CantAndleDaRiddum

in government class in highschool
the school had tvs in every room, but wouldnt let us watch
so ALL my teachers pulled out radios or let us go to other classrooms w/ radio to listen to what was going on
around 11:15 AM CST my dad came & got permission for me to leave school, then i went home & watched the news for about 4 hours & went & coached our girl's soccer team....most lackluster game ever, no one cared

my buddy taped the news that day & watches it every year as if it were live.....i watched it w/ him once.....super creepy

So he watched it today. I would say it was creepy.
9/11/08 9:05:30PM
well first let me say that day changed the world forever

I was asleep with my wife and new 2 week old daughter(1st kid) when repairmen came to fix our shower they told my wife america was under attack I told him shut the f*ck up he was like turn on the TV we were hooked well later that day we had to take the baby for a 2 week check up still to this day I have never drove as far as I did and not seen one car on the road it was like a movie no planes no cars
9/11/08 9:13:21PM
8th grade history....Ironic I know

I went to the bathroom in the middle of class and I come back and people are freaking out, in shock or crying, I said "why's everyone upset?" my buddy pointed at the TV. I thought to myself why are people crying? you likely arnt directly affected by this were 3000 miles away. It must have been empathy for their own safety because thats just obserd to be crying over somethat that has no affect on you directly. It was a tragedy but look at what this "war" slash ethnic cleansing has done to our country, were in an economic downfall and in that sense they (the terrorists) have gotten to us from the inside out instead of more bloodshed, they want you to fear them and thats what America has for that part of the world, which is okay because religious fundamentalism is terrifying and all religions based on deities are devolving and pestilent.
9/11/08 9:53:47PM
New York. More specifically, Long Island, in my 4th grade classroom. My dad was working in Grand Central Station at that time, and my mom pulled me out of school(it was my first year in a new school, first week too, and she knew that I didn't really know anybody and wanted me to be home and safe). Came home, and had no idea what was going on(mostly the fact that I was too young to really grasp whats going on and that my mom wouldn't tell me what was going on)but I realized soon that my entire family was home and my parents/older brother were all freakin out, and me and my little sister still had no idea what was going on. But now that I look back at it, I guess ignorance is bliss.
9/11/08 9:54:13PM
Man talk about feeling old... I was at work (at that time I was workign for Citi) we had people in the WTC's. My wife called me on the phone and told me what happened. i freaked becasue in Dallas we have a small WTC and my dad worked in that building. I tired calling him over and over again, but there phone lines were down. Then I saw on the news that it was the WTC's in NY. Never felt such fear in my life as I did when I thought it was in Dallas. Then we got released because our corporate office in NY felt that we needed to leave and shut down all of our systems.

On the way home driving past DFW airport it was like a Stephen King movie... no planes in the air, they were all downed in the airport. There was no movement there or really on the roads for that matter.

I watched TV all day and all night. I still get sick when I see stuff about that day. It just sucks that it took something that horrific to start bringing this country back together again and to make us stronger.
9/11/08 10:26:42PM
dont feel old..... I was in 27th grade... jst kidding... funny how age is irrelevant
on a site like this.

i was at work at a large national mortgage company. we had tvs and when it started we all watched like zombies in horror and awe- about mid day the VP of the company tells everyone to shut down and go spend time with our families... on my way home i saw people stocking up on gas - people were filling 2 litre pop bottles with gas as all the cans were sold out- later that day a few gas stations raised gas to 450 (and were later fined and ridiculed) It was a sad few weeks- its brought alot of people together. It also brought out alot of scams and people taking advantage of the situation. I try to see the good people, but you cant ignore the bad....
9/11/08 10:33:45PM
Thanks guys for replying to my thread....

9/12/08 12:10:39AM
I was in Chemistry class and remember one of the teacher's running into our class screaming frantically, "We've been attacked!!!!....I can't believe it!!!!....My first reaction was she had lost it and WTF does she mean....we've been attacked???? The school has been attacked.....what does she mean?? She then told us to turn on the tv and instantly I was in a state of shock.....I seriously couldn't believe what I was seeing.
9/12/08 4:16:09AM
I was in seventh grade, woke up in the morning and instead of captain planet the news was on.
I was too young at the time to truly understand the significance of what had just happened.
All we did that day at school was talk about it.
9/12/08 5:44:41AM
Sixth Grade homeroom. We are like a couple hours different here in utah so yeah. im watchin the history channel and it is showing that day through people's home videos. it is some of the saddest footage i have ever seen of it. damn those firefighters are tough guys though. it makes you wonder if you have that kind of courage to have to knowingly sacrifice your own life to safe other people. I hope none of us ever have to find out. because i honestly don't know. you have to be in that situation. those are heroes. real heroes.
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