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8/14/07 4:34:10PM
So, you're a hardcore sports junkie, but you're new to the sport of mixed martial arts. You check it out with your friends, but don't know where all the fighters fit in the sport.

8/15/07 12:55:12AM
Great article except Jagr plays for the Rangers
8/15/07 1:12:46AM
I think he meant when he played for the caps, he didn't try lol.
8/15/07 2:21:40AM
Very good article with very accurate comparisons.
8/15/07 11:50:50AM
I liked the article, but where are the comparisons for Rampage and Chuck they have been all over the news i was waiting to read there comparisons...

Chuck Liddell - Micheal Jordan
The greatest ever in there sport. Chuck for Life.

Rampage - Tonya Harding
They both cheated to win there events. BOO Rampage
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