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2/27/13 7:13:56AM

Sensie Seagal
2/27/13 9:01:40AM

I would have liked to see what Cung had to say
2/27/13 9:22:29AM

Sensei Seagal lmao
2/27/13 10:05:46AM

Thats great!. I liked how he kept brushing back his pony tail during his fights. Completely embarrassing, I wonder how much he paid those guys to flop the whole time.
2/27/13 5:44:20PM
I like the carnival music.
2/28/13 1:20:53AM
i just watched another one with him training machida...i saw about 2mins of it then had to put it off because i was getting embarrassed.
2/28/13 11:19:50AM
The video they're spoofing is just a demonstation, just like the slap boxing routine with Fejiao. They're both simple demonstrations of technique.

Seagal is a douchebag for sure, but he's also a fantastic martial artist. You can't fake movement like he has, especially consideing he's in his sixties. There's a video of him working with Anderson Silva and he's picking off full speed punches to show different techniques. Can't fake it.