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1/3/09 12:15:54PM
The weigh-ins for tomorrow's World Victory Road Sengoku 7 event were held earlier today. Everyone made weight so all 9 fights are now officially on.

1/3/09 1:54:35PM
Weigh-ins told me nothing. I'm really excited about the Santiago/Misaki fight, but I'm having trouble with a couple of the other fights.
1/3/09 3:11:56PM
One thing to note was the amount of weight Hidehiko Yoshida has lost. He usually has been around 225, but he looks in great shape. Also this will be one of the few times Yoshida won't be wearinga gi, which is a good idea when you're going up against an ADCC champ.

Always a huge fan of Kazuo Misaki, and I think he'sone of the more underrated fighters. Shold be a great fight Jorge Santiago, who has really improved since his failure in the UFC, getting KO'd by both Chris Leben and Alan Belcher. I don't think Santiago is quite as good as people think. He has definetely improved but Kazuo is still the more complete fighter.
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