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9/23/09 3:10:22AM
Live starting at 3am EST. from the Saitama Super Arena near Tokyo, Japan. 8 fights for us to pick from

1. Maximo Blanco def. Tetsuya Yamada via 2nd Rd TKO (1:12)
2. Joe Doerksen def. Takenori Sato via 2nd Rd TKO (4:27)
3. Dan Hornbuckle def. Nick Thompson via 2nd Rd TKO (1:30)
4. Fabio Silva def. Ryo Kawamura via 1st Rd TKO (2:28)
5. Kazunori Yokota def. Ryan Schultz via 1st Rd KO (2:31)
6. Makoto Takimoto def. Jae Sun Lee via Unanimous Decision
7. Antonio Silva def. Jim York via 1st Rd Sub (3:51)
8. Antz Nansen def. Hiroshi Izumi via 1st Rd KO (2:56)
9/23/09 3:52:13AM
I enjoyed this from the play by play of the Maximo/Yamada bout...

Yamada pulls guard to start round two. Blanco punches the head from guard. Yamada looks for an armbar and Blanco lands a hard punch and a knee that open up the Japanese fighter’s nose. Yamada turns his back and Blanco knees him sharply in the rectum. Punches to the ribs connect and referee Tomoki Matsumiya steps in to halt the bout.
9/23/09 3:52:28AM
Sounds like Dirty Joe is winning right now, hopefully he can keep it up for 2 more rounds.
9/23/09 3:54:34AM
wow great fight joe rompin
9/23/09 4:19:26AM
im liking hornbuckle...
9/23/09 4:21:31AM
wish I didnt switch from Hornbuckle
9/23/09 4:22:11AM
Once again Thompson shows his lack of chin and heart, when he's faced with adversity he either gets KO'd or he quits.
9/23/09 4:42:11AM
Wow Schultz has looked horrible his past few fights..glad I picked Yokota
9/23/09 4:42:59AM
son of a beesting im glad i picked yokota
9/23/09 9:43:27AM
Sorry guys, hit the snooze this morning so I wasnt able to do pbp, thanks to Shawn for the cover. I'll have to catch the replay on friday. If i'm reading the Izumi- Nansen pbp correctly, I believe the score is:



Hopefully Satoshi Oishi will be able to even the score whenever he makes his debut.

Glad I picked Yokota as well. I had him taking it by decision, but Schultz once again shows his glass jaw (3rd straight )

Silva (both Antonio and Fabio), Makoto, Doerkson, and Blanco win as expected. Sounds like Fabio Silva put an absolute beatdown on Kawamura.

The only fight that really surprised me besides the main event (I unfortunately went with Izumi, but that was pick um fight, literally) was Hornbuckle vs Thompson. I went with Thompson based mainly on his experience against big names, but Hornbuckle is absolutely killing it over there. First a head kick KOTY cantidate against Gono, and now he takes out the goat?

UFC needs to sign this guy imo. Not saying he's the next GSP or anything, but to me he's the type of guy who could make an immediate impact in ufc's somewhat stagnant (at the moment) ww division.
9/23/09 3:55:28PM
Anyone with a link the Nansen/Izumi fight please PM me, I cant find one for the life of me.
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