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8/12/08 6:29:11PM
So, Sengoku 4 isn't the start of a new season in the Secondary League? I'm just wondering why the current season is extending past 10 events?
8/12/08 6:32:58PM
I can help you on that 1, there's only been 9 Events, Sengoku's gonna be the 10th

WEC 35
Elite XC: Smith vs Lawler 2
Dream 5
Affliction: Banned
Strikeforce- Melendez vs Thomson
Dream 4
WVR- Sengoku 3
WEC 34 - Faber vs Pulver
EliteXC on CBS
8/12/08 6:38:49PM
Oh, sorry it is. UFC 87 shows up in the Stats section for some reason, so I counted that as the first event without really looking.
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