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3/25/09 6:58:16AM
It's been a busy few days for World Victory Road. Their latest big announcements came today, those being that Makoto Takimoto vs. Michael Costa has been added to Sengoku 8, and the promotion announced a Welterweight GP to begin later this year. The Takimoto-Costa winner will join Josh Thompson, Mike Pyle and Fabricio Monteiro as announced participants.

3/25/09 7:48:47AM
I just watched my first Sengoku on HD net this past weekend....I thought it was great..I am really happy I got hd net. IMO japanese MMA blows the UFC out in every way(except it's in a ring). I pretty much have stopped watching UFC. Only because it's not in Hi def. I will watch the live events but that's it.....
3/25/09 6:49:28PM
not even close to as good of skills or fighters as ufc.. totally incorrect statement.. im a huge mma fan together, but its not as good at all.. sorry man.
i do agree its great, and totally worth the buy on hdnet, for anyone that loves mma, you should get hd net cause its a great watch... also versus is great, because wec is exciting as well.
3/27/09 12:47:27PM
Y'know I had just woken up so that statement is totally incorrect. My point was that I awould rather watch japanese mma for two reasons. the most important one is the fact that they broadcast in hi def. When I didn't have hd I would watch all the reruns of unleashed or bascially anything they would air on Spike. Now I would rather watch hd net or wec wreckage because the quality of the programming...I still am very into the ufc I just won't be watching the reruns because they haven't upgraded yet....The 2nd reason is because the Japanesse orgs (especially dream) really know how to put on a show. To me they make the entire evening enjoyable even in between the matches. I just don't see the ufc doing that. I mean Dream had a 10 minute dedication to Helio Gracie. What did the ufc do? I produce events in nyc and I feel like the production values of the ufc are pretty low......
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