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11/7/09 2:17:13AM
Should be starting shortly...

Ronnie Mann defeats Shigeki Osawa via Unanimous Decision

Dave Herman defeats Jim York via KO (Kick & Punches) in Round 1

Marlon Sandro defeats Yuji Hoshino via KO (Punches) in Round 1

Akihiro Gono defeats Yoon Young Kim via Unanimous Decision

Stanislav Nedkov defeats Kevin Randleman via Split Decision

Kazunori Yokota defeats Eiji Mitsuoka via Unanimous Decision

Jorge Masvidal defeats Satoru Kitaoka via KO (Punches) in Round 2

Mamed Khalidov defeats Jorge Santiago via KO (Punches) in Round 1

Michihiro Omagawa defeats Hatsu Hioki via Split Decision somehow got the decision

Thats it, good fight good night
11/7/09 2:27:02AM
very solid card.

cannot remember all my tips though

i think my tips are

Shigeki Osawa
Dave Herman
Marlon Sandro
Akihiro Gono
Stanislav Nedkov
Eiji Mitsuoka
Satoru Kitaoka
Jorge Santiago
Michihiro Omagawa
11/7/09 3:05:24AM
God I need sleep..damn kid. I cant recall my picks
11/7/09 6:03:52AM
Wow, Khalidov is for real after all, had to see him fight a high caliber fighter.
11/7/09 8:40:28AM

I did well for this event in terms of winners, and so so in terms of methods. Bummed that Hioki didn't get the decision though, would have been a nice 11pts.

I gambled on the Gono one. He's been so up and down I had a feeling. Oh well,
11/7/09 9:23:56AM
I don't want to say too much about Omigawa because it might be bordering on conspiracy theories, but when I read the result part of me thought "something serious is going on here".
11/7/09 11:09:09AM
No, your right DC, something funny going on with those judges. I mean first the award Omigawa that robbery over Sandro, and now Hioki? Sengoku needs to address this because they are damaging the records of some of their best fighters. I think the problem is that the sengoku judges are instructed to put way too much emphasis on aggression. Omigawa has an extremely aggressive style, but anyone who watched that fight can tell you that Hioki was clearly getting the better of the exchanges, on the ground and standing imo. But since Michihiro kept pushing forward, he gets the decision. Its not right. Even Omigawa knew it. Robbed me of an easy 11 points for the Hioki ud!!

So yeah, I finished 6-3 on this event, but shoulda been 7-2.

Santiago and Kitoaka were the other two I got wrong. Like most, really surprised to see Santiago go out like that, but really impressed with Mamed. Thought Khalidov had a padded record, but I think this win shows he's legit. I mean, this proved Santiago really does have a glass chin, but how many people throw with enough power from BOTTOM position to rock their opponent? Thats impressive. I thought the ref could have let it go a bit longer, but I think Santiago would have still lost anyways. Regardless, a solid coming out party for Khalidov, guy has a bright future. They should probably give him Santiago again for new years, but actually for Santiago's title this time.

Was also surprised, to a lesser extent, to see former champ Kitoaka lose again. Though I thought Masvidal looked like he's really improving his game, a solid win for him. He was able to neutralize Satoru's shoots and ground game effectively in order to KTFO him, like Hirota. Interested to see who they give Gamebred next. I don't know where Satoru goes from here. He's got heart but has been KO'd twice now.

Rest of the fights, not too many surprises for me personally:
-Yokota fight went exactly like I thought it would, though it was a little boring the longer it went. Easy 11 points.
-The less we talk about Nedkov vs Randleman, the better. Thought both guys didnt look good, though I think I may have snuck 10 points there (this was the hot bout I believe?).
-Gono got the win as expected, but still not looking like his old self. Expected him to finish the vastly outmatched Yoon, but couldnt seem to pull the trigger. Lack luster at best.
-Opposite can be said for Sandro. He won as expected, but I expected the vet Yoshino to make him work for a decision. Boy was I wrong. Another impressive highlight reel KO for the Nova Unaio fighter. Would like to see him get revenge against Omigawa next, though he may have to wait behind Hioki now.
-Besides an abundance of heel hook attempts and weird kicks, York vs Herman went down exactly like I thought, another 11 points. Very weird fight though for both fighters. Both guys didnt look the greatest imo.
-Same for Mann vs Osawa, no surprises here. Thought Mann showed some good progression in his game.

A solid night of fights put forth again by sengoku, but the main event decision still pisses me off.

11/7/09 11:12:53AM
Got 7 out of 9 right , i picked Mamed Khalidov, Masvidal, Nedkov and that = happiness, wish I had the oppurtunity to place wagers down.
dissappointed that mitsuoka lost though.
but all in all good night for me,
11/7/09 11:51:09AM
everybody remind me never to trust sherdog on their picks I swear I switched like 4 fights thanks to them
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