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1/28/07 3:08:29PM
here are my pics

I only have 250$ left and i want to make many bets so send me low wagers

Silva over Lutter
Crocop over sanchez
rampage over eastman
smith over cote
Hogar over machida (upset)
Griffin over Edgar
Saraiva over hazzlett
Halverson vs huerta ( no more bets)
Rivera over martin

Henderson over silva
Gomi over Diaz
Sergei over yvel
Nakamura over wuiff
Sakurai over Danzig
Misaki over Trigg

Sylvia over Couture
Hughs over Lytle
Franklin over Macdonald
Babalu over lambert

1/29/07 1:11:49PM
I'll take Cote, Machida and Hazelett. Even odds, $30 per.
What say you?
1/29/07 5:33:35PM
ill take wandy to your hendo for $75 if you are interested
1/29/07 11:03:28PM
NO longer taking bets ive have al of them done
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