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1/30/07 3:51:32PM
We may not know much about ballot counting...and we seem to have forgotten a thing or two involving the pigskin, comes with age I reckon....but one thing we can prognosticate future MMA results with stunning accuracy. At least we hope to..that is..if anyone here is good at this, then we want you..if you aren't, well...we'll probably take you anyways. We're not picky here in Seminole Nation. Join a camp that goes beyond teaching kimuras and gogoplatas..I mean forget about heel hooks...and if you wanna learn guerilla jiu jitsu..go pay Dave Cam, b/c we focus on one thing..scalps...we take ' any means necessary..and by gawd...we need some brains to play this game.
1/30/07 4:40:29PM
Yea mate, scrap your camp and come join Killer Bee,
1/30/07 5:21:26PM
Sounds like you got it goin on bud. Good luck and welcome to the playgrounnd. The playground of pain! I look forward to wagering with you.
1/30/07 7:58:30PM
I would join Killer Bees, but am afraid of getting the tatoos...we Noles just dont go for that. Plus, the whole Yakuza thing..sounds a bit dangerous.
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