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3/10/13 5:48:27PM
Hey Guys I'm selling my huge collection of MMA Memorabilia on ebay. Tons of signed gloves, The Octagon Book by Kevin Lynch with tons of autographs, signed autograph book, and some signed 8x12's. Tons of autographs from Current and Former champions, along with UFC Hall of Famers. Check This out and email me if your interested
3/10/13 7:21:59PM
Why are u selling your stuff ??
Just curious. I also have tons of memorabilia and two full
Binders full of autographs and three caps filled with autographs on them from aldo to shogun to condit to Mir
Each cap has at least 15 autographs.

I just could never sell my Ufc stuff. Brings the memories
3/11/13 4:02:32PM
I'm looking to buy a new car this summer and I start nursing school so i will need as much money as I can get. I love my collection and its really hard to get rid of this but its just a money issue as of right now.
3/11/13 4:09:26PM
You should have a playground auction, ill be the guy who shouts out gibberish

3/11/13 7:43:15PM
Do you have any solo items?
3/11/13 8:26:27PM
I understand the money thing.
I love my collection too.
3/12/13 8:17:42PM
right now i'm trying to sell the collection as a whole. If i dont I will accept offers on solo items. Send me offers now ill take a look when i can