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8/10/08 12:58:53AM
props to fitch man , took that like a man =)
8/10/08 12:59:13AM
Great Night of Fights, I eneded Up at 8-2 with 85 Points
8/10/08 1:00:28AM
Lost my parley but Fitch is the man idc if he lost the dude is great he is going to be around again to fight GSP though I don't think it will go any way different man I'm seriously crushing on Fitch for going through all that dude is def. worthy of being number 2 in the world.
8/10/08 1:30:13AM

Posted by The_Ho_Bag

lmfao wtf did fitch come out to ?

Are you asking what song Fitch came out too? If you are I assume it was "Rusty Cage" by Johnny Cash. I think he always comes out to it. I may be wrong though because everybody here was really loud while he was making his entrance.
8/10/08 2:09:22AM
8-2 63 points.

plus an underdog bonus, I knew i shoulda put Emerson in my parlay. o well
8/10/08 4:10:21AM
I cant wait to hear what fighter all of the GSP haters are going to predict is going to give GSP a lot of trouble. hahahaha
8/10/08 4:46:40AM
I'd say Penn and Alves would both give him some trouble. I also think I would have to call GSP the favourite in both fights. Alves definitely has the potential to TKO him if Serra does though, that's for sure. BJ also has the potential to submit him.
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