12 Seconds????

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8/9/08 11:22:09PM
Holy Crap Rob Emerson knocked out Manny G in 12 seconds??? Damn I did not see that comming!!
8/9/08 11:41:37PM
The only way i saw Emerson even have a chance at winning was if for some insane reason Manny would say " f@%k grappling even with my height and reach disadvantages i'm gonna swing windmills with my chin in the air".

Seriously what were the chances lol, probably the worst game plan he could have came up with.
8/10/08 12:07:04AM
This should be in the spoilers forum
8/10/08 1:15:25AM
big upset for me never saw this coming
8/10/08 1:21:40AM
no more spoilers please.
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