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12/13/07 3:18:24PM
we are about 4-5 events deep right now. many actual events are in a season? 10?
12/13/07 3:20:23PM
yes 10

12/13/07 4:09:19PM
damn we've got a bunch more to go.

i noticed you're up on me point wise....but beware, i'm creepin' up on u.

12/14/07 11:04:36AM
There is only 10 events per season in both the primary and secondary league.
If there is ever a change to this there will be a annoucnment about it on the main page.
12/26/07 12:19:09PM
Just wondering, but will we get an email stating that the upcoming event for the secondary league (when the time comes) will be the final event of the season (much like the one that I just recieved for the primary league)?
12/26/07 2:45:22PM
I imagine you will unless you turned email notification off. When we got to the last Secondary League event in season 1 (which I was here for) they did send the email reminders out.
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