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2/13/08 6:38:23PM
Is the Secondary League going to be taking action on the upcoming World Victory Road event on March 5th?

The current card is:
Gomi vs. Bang Ludwig
Barnett vs. Yoshida
Misaki vs. Siyar Bahadurzada
Evangelista Cyborg vs. Takimoto
Kawamurta vs. Antonion Braga Neto
Fujita vs. TBA

Also, what's the chance that DREAM events will make it into the main league? It's basically a K-1 owned PRIDE, chock full of top 10 fighters (particularly at lightweight) and looks to be setting up six events between now and September.
2/13/08 6:42:27PM
yea dreams LW GP is stacked, and i dont mean just like stacked, but ******* stacked... cant wait to see aoki vs JZ....i also want to see hansen back in action

they both are pretty big events, so i dont see why they wouldnt put them, i think is just a matter of time.
2/13/08 7:19:10PM
2/13/08 9:46:02PM
The Site Programmer has some work to do before the next season. So far the only events listed are the ones to finish off this season.
Hopefully WVR will be up but at the least we will have a season finished.
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