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9/23/07 3:31:14PM
just wondering.... very curious to see how I did.
9/23/07 3:48:46PM
You're just curious to see if we're still tied.

You can at least total up your own points to get an idea. No clue about the update though.
9/23/07 4:03:28PM
I'm more curious to see if I'm #1 in earnings .

It's been over 24h since the cage rage event and the main league has been updated even though UFC started a few hours after the Cage Rage event.
9/23/07 4:11:22PM
Who did you put all your money on? I had a good chunk of change after the Torres fight, but then I put it all against Carano after she almost passed out at weigh-in, so there went that.
9/23/07 4:14:23PM
I put 24K on Paul Daley so I should be plus about 12-13K .

And I have no idea how to check my points. The event has vanished.. I can't find it anywhere.
9/23/07 4:23:18PM
Just look at your player profile.

I totaled your points up for the event, and you got 67 points. Looks like we're not tied anymore.

You did good though, considering neither of us had every seen Cage Rage.
9/23/07 4:34:11PM
Damn... good job bro!

I've seen Cage Rage though. Quite a few actually. I had just never seen most the guys competing on that event.

So the points are added now? Then the money should be as well soon.
9/23/07 4:42:25PM
No, I manually totaled the points. I can't update the secondary league.
9/23/07 11:46:57PM
How could you bet on the Cage Rage event? I checked like three times before the actual day of the event, and it said, "check back in 24 hours", and I was asleep when the event was locked (I'm in a night class, so I am up late, and sleep in late.)
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