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7/24/07 8:56:37AM
In the primary league, you can only place wagers on one event at a time. Because there is generally at least a week or more between events, having time for the website to post the new odds and the participants enough time to thoughtfully place wagers is not a problem.

However, for the Secondary League, the IFL semifinals are on Thursday, August 2, and the WEC 29 events is Sunday, August 5.

Are there any plans in place to post the wagering results rather quickly as well as post the odds for the WEC event so that we will have sufficient time to place our wagers in a timely manner?

Would it be possible to post the odds for the WEC event while not allowing us to wager on the event (I understand why we can't place wagers on events until the previous event is complete and the results are posted)?

Any thoughts or ideas on this?
7/24/07 12:41:14PM
Okay sounds Like a good Idea
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