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4/16/10 10:36:23AM
Does anyone know why there are no picks or wagers available for Strikeforce this weekend? A couple of days ago there were and I made my picks and wagers but now it appears that WEC wagers and picks are available but no longer Strikeforce. Does anyone know what the deal is? Any help is appreciatted.

4/16/10 10:42:01AM
It's a combo card with Bellator, which means the picks ended prior to that event...check your Fight Companion.
4/16/10 10:50:43AM
Well, crap...I missed making picks for this one if that's the case.
4/16/10 11:56:21AM
Thanks a lot buddy!
4/16/10 8:00:47PM
There was an entire forum discussing the combination of the two....
4/16/10 8:06:44PM
Okay, so it wasn't titled as such and was talked about more towards the end (I thought it was discussed more at length) but yeah here it it

4/16/10 11:25:35PM
weak sizzauce.
4/17/10 9:54:24PM
Only problem i'm having now, is that it's not even available to look at on the fight companion. I forgot my picks and what not. I'd like to see them, but oh well. Guess i'll have to wait for the results to be posted.
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