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10/29/07 12:22:33PM
A big congrats to B_Goetz (picks) and Stickan (earnings) on their first place finishes in our inaugural secondary league season here on the Playground! Truly a job well done. Enjoy the (non-fantasy) $250 each

Secondary League Season 2 starts this Saturday with the opening round of the IFL Grand Prix, which will be shown live on MyNetworkTV. All points and earnings are now reset for Season 2.

In addition to mildly tweaking the odds algorithm, we have increased the bonus earnings gained from making correct picks. We hope the result will be that players who make some bad wagers will have more of a chance to mount a comeback effort as the season progresses.

If you didn't participate in the Secondary League's first season, now is a good time to start! Your picks and wagers from the Secondary League do not affect your earnings, rank, or records from the primary game here on The Playground. You have nothing to lose, everyone's point and earnings totals are reset at the beginning of the season, it's fun, and following more organizations helps to widen your knowledge of MMA.
10/29/07 12:48:31PM
Congrats B_Goetz and Stickan !!

Well, i was a little bit short but i have been able to finish with a good 4th place !!

10/30/07 5:17:38AM
Thanks to Stickan, I jumped from 100 something to 38, and then to 15 in the last three events. I barely missed the top ten. I'm going to take my new approach into the next season. Congrats Stickan, and B_Goetz
10/30/07 7:30:28AM
Thanks, everybody. You gave me a good run near the end, tuvok.
10/30/07 12:28:53PM
I almost caught you.
10/30/07 2:02:24PM
Congrats, Stickan and B_Goetz and to everyone who made in the top ten! I can't wait for the second season to start.
10/31/07 5:09:20AM
Congrats B_Goetz and Stickan. Amazing Goetz is leading both leagues!
11/1/07 4:21:40PM
Congrats. I'm comin for ya in Season 2
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