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12/2/07 1:34:32PM
Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm kinda curious as to why this is happening.

i obviously like playin the secondary as much as the first. They're quite a bit easier to call IMO, but not as easy as my record would show right now.

why exactly does it have me at 27-0 when i haven't picked every fight correctly, nor have i cherry picked my way through the season. i missin' somthin' here or is it site error?
12/2/07 7:36:56PM
you have to PM DoTheMMAth the site operator , it is a mistake for sure !!

12/3/07 1:01:29PM
thank you sir
appreciate it.
12/4/07 9:00:51PM
yeah tahts strange.
I looked and you only got one wrong at last Cage Rage event, nicely done.
Could be worse could say you were 0-27. If you Pm Dothemmath he will do waht he can.
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