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12/6/11 4:08:20PM
What a fast season it has been! As I look back, I don't think a single card disappointed. We had the fight of the year/decade/century, the conclusion(?) of an awesome fight trilogy for the lightweight belt, and tons of all around great action.

Season 12 looks to be on par to be very entertaining, and it is already 4/5ths booked! If March becomes another three event month, we'll be in Season 13 by April.

We have also seen the site undergo quite the transformation! Lots of new content and features to go with a sleek new layout. It's been fun watching the evolution.

What did you take away from this season, fight wise and playground wise?
12/6/11 6:03:24PM
The Playground has chamged loads and its all for the better, the features I personally like are, the side game forum (suprise suprise) and the Pod casts with Josh and Tim, especially as PG members call in, its great to hear what they sound like, for those that havent listened so far Ive heard:

cowcatcher ( I was on the same time as cowcatcher and I really enjoyed that)

sorry if Ive missed anyone out, and finally the biggest thing as been the closing of The SHW division, which has helped me to decide to leave The ECP and set up a smaller HW camp with the best members from The ECP and hopefully we can be contenders in the HW division.
12/6/11 6:28:08PM
Wow, big news Rabi! Good luck with the new camp!
12/6/11 6:30:34PM
Thanks Pmoney!
12/6/11 6:37:26PM
I sucked a huge amount on the hot bouts this season which is what kept me in the top 5-10 the prior 2 seasons.

Im happy with how my wagers went this year. And of course how Dark Horse is the P4P best camp out there.
12/7/11 1:50:06AM
fights: saw FN25 in NOLA & hopefully finish in top 250 in both wagers & points in my first full season

playground: many changes for the better, but i love the draft project & other side games most. by far my favorite part about the site
12/7/11 1:53:06AM
Glad you like the side games, I really enjoy running them, but if there wasnt like minded people they just wouldnt work!
12/7/11 7:44:05AM
This will have been my third full season. I've been trying to improve with each event.... Season 9 I was in the 600's in points, season 10 something like #95, currently sitting at about #177. The gap isn't too far to close to get there or further. But.... After 9 events last season, I think I was at #32-35 in points, and maybe top 50-75 in wagers. I finished in the 60's in wagers, I think. I dropped a gang in points after a nice 30-something on UFC Rio though. Also, I would need to score 118 points on this next event to tie my score overall of 625 for last season.....

So now you're thinking "what the hell, you're obviously doing worse", and I'd agree. Except the silver lining of consistency! I was all over the board for season 10. 30's, 50's, 70's, 90's.....(i miss 90's...) But this season, it's been all 50's with a 44, a 45, a 70 and a 75 mixed in. So keeping a relatively solid average, I enjoy.

Same with wagers. I actually blew my bankroll twice this season (sorry Ringers!), but early on. I've been consistent since.

Hot Bouts I probably went a little better than 50-50 on... I am averaging 7.9 points per pick this season, which I like. My pick percentage dropped from like 70% to 67% though.... I've been getting it back lately though, going 9-3 and 7-3 on the last two cards... I'll take those all day...
12/8/11 1:52:25AM
- i went 6-2 in my last 8 hot bouts
- i joined up with the P4P best camp
- my bankroll is currently at its highest point ever at seasons end (thanks to the above mentioned P4P best camp)
- although my overall point total isnt great, my pick rate this season is 74%
- UFC 136 landed on my birthday and it did not disappoint (it was the first half of an awesome night)
- started browsing the other forums (ie not news threads) and have become addicted to this site....thank you to those running the side games
- 4-0 on Av bets
- 1000 posts and 100 props
- became hooked on MMA Tycoon

that all for now off the top of my head
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