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6/16/07 8:02:14PM
Id say the first season of me making picks went extremely well.

check it out:

how did you do?
6/16/07 8:06:02PM
6/16/07 8:08:57PM

(no that's not an offer)
6/16/07 8:13:37PM

Posted by TroubleMan

(no that's not an offer)

hahah thats pretty damn good tho nice.
6/16/07 10:31:33PM

426 points total

290th place...

329th of right now

All in all, not a bad run. Have some good feelings about season 2, as these last two events went well for me.

Congrats to all the winners.
6/16/07 10:51:14PM
Congrats to the winners.

I got 3rd on the wealthiest players list so I'm pretty satisfied I guess..
6/17/07 8:02:27AM
thanks boys, only 1 problem even though i am a winner i will likely get no prize. but congrats to evry1 else
6/17/07 9:30:26AM
Why not babs? You deserve a prize for doing so damn well on wagers

Want to give a special mention to my mate barnyards in my fight camp - only Reg'd just before UFC 71 and after only 3 events he is 79th in the Wealth Rank with a whopping $2475!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a bad 1st season for making picks, so many upsets and hard fights to pick due to there being unknown quantity debuters, tho methinks there will be less of this now that there are so many well known top pride fighters int he UFC now, cant wait to see what the new season will be like and the wager changes etc!!!
6/17/07 12:36:55PM

Posted by babalu2720

thanks boys, only 1 problem even though i am a winner i will likely get no prize. but congrats to evry1 else

Stay tuned... we'll announce something for ya tomorrow
6/17/07 1:28:15PM
not to bad of a season i guess happy to be in the top 500. i was 2 points out of first for ufc 72. dame so close but so far away.
6/17/07 2:12:00PM
really...u just made my day better thanks mods
6/17/07 2:34:02PM
I am new when is the new season starting?
6/18/07 7:58:03AM

Come on guys its the 18th! When is this new wager system coming on???

6/18/07 8:19:44AM
I did alright, weak finish losin all my money on Smith/Herman though. Didnt pick all I could and to the best of my ability but it was aight. I'm lookin forward to taking Season 2 by storm, watch out.
6/19/07 1:29:42AM
congrats babalu.. and thanks to dotheMMAth and this site for putting on such a great contest..
6/19/07 8:51:58AM
Congrats goes to you dewby as well u were impressive.. well if this season is called undisputed i think im smelling 2 repeat
6/19/07 5:27:54PM
done ok
6/19/07 9:09:44PM
I did alright...I was ranked in the top 350 most of the season, the dropped the last couple events. I was as high as #7 on the money chart for a while too, but got greedy and lost my rear
6/20/07 2:58:36AM
If i knew we lose all money at the end of a season I would have betted more.

Was on the front page I know. had over 3k
6/20/07 7:11:29AM
I only got to pick fight for the 72 card and I went 8-0, so I am very happy with my first run at this thing. I can not wait for seson two to start.
6/20/07 11:58:18AM
I had a bad start but pulled back to about 400th or so
6/23/07 12:52:58PM
congrats to the winners and thanks to the mods for running suck a great site. I am pretty happy with my 1st season i ended the season in 131st in ranking for pick I dropped on the 2nd to last event from 31 to 131 anyway good luck to everyone for season 2
6/23/07 7:03:01PM
Did pretty well. 54-32 record.
381 points.
651st place overall.
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