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6/25/07 2:17:07AM
What events will Season 2 include, or from when does it start till end?
6/25/07 2:21:33AM
Well it looks like you missed the first event of season two (TUF 5 Finale).

I believe each season includes 10 9 more now.
6/25/07 8:22:04AM
Which will take us to the end of the year roughly UFC 79 may be the new years show and could be the last (if we have 2 more fight nights and the TUF6 finale)
6/25/07 12:48:26PM
Even though I missed the first event of season 2, am I still eligible to win prizes and such if i pick for the rest of the events
6/25/07 12:50:31PM
see if you can catch up.
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